five things, april 11

1. I think, when I've actually been here on a Friday, that I've been showing up lately with flowers. I've been so drawn to them these days, and I've felt such joy photographing them in the studio. I've been casting about for some flower arranging classes (seriously, I'm lousy at this), and I have some possibilities out there, and I remain hopeful. What bright possibilities in these vivid petals.

2. I think this was one of the best, most fascinating blog posts I've read in ages. My friend and cook book author Jeanne linked to it on Facebook, and I was mesmerized. I've you've read David Lebovitz's work about living (and eating) in Paris, this is great fun. I'll be buying his cook book, for sure.

3. I think I'm curious. How many of you have had a bad customer service experience? Rooth, you can count your insurance company, if you want! I had a really lousy customer service experience this week, one of those things that felt like to took all of my energy, all my attention and all of my time. And this from a company that has treated me well in the past. Very little makes you feel more impotent than being at the mercy of customer service, I think. I was not happy. It's resolved now, although I should hold my breath until I sign for the package, but I've been left with a bad taste in my mouth. When I see their logo, I feel yucky.

4. I think sometimes it's hard to be the only woman in a houseful of boys. And perhaps I shouldn't make Great Northern Beans for dinner again.

5. I think for the first time in weeks I can hear my kid's happy noises from the other room as he (gently) tosses himself a baseball. Maybe things are starting to look up.