wisteria garden {life}

wisteria duo.jpg

Wow. Sometimes breaks happen, don't they? I didn't mean to take the last two days off, but there you are. I did. I have nothing productive to report from my time off. Nada.

Calm and peaceful seems to be just what I need these days, so I thought I'd share a bit from a weekend or so ago when Neel and I ran up to the Hermitage for their annual plant sale. I've told you about the Hermitage before. It's close by, an awesome space, and they offer tons of great events throughout the year. We finally, at this plant sale, got our heads out of our butts and bought a membership.

It was a cool and misty day, perfect for wandering around. After Neel mulled over his plant purchases, we headed out along the grounds. And that wisteria! That perfect pop of purple. What a bright bolt of color on such a gray and dreary day.