summer nights {life}


Somewhat spontaneously we headed to the movies last Friday night. At this lovely place. The Hermitage Museum and Garden.  Located literally minutes from our house, we clearly don't spend enough time here. I won't spend ages on the story of the place (you can easily read that for yourself), except to tell you that the house was originally constructed in 1908 by William and Florence Sloane, wealthy New Yorkers who came to Hampton Roads to run textile mills. By 1936 Florence Sloane had expanded the home to the 42 room permanent residence we see today. The museum was opened permanently in 1942.

I'd been once to the Hermitage (Only once? What the heck was I thinking?)  with my photography group and was stunned by the drop dead gorgeousness of the place. It is just the kind of space I could get lost in and wander for ages. I couldn't stay long that day and have been anxious to get back ever since. They show outdoor movies in the summer, and when I discovered that last Friday's movie was Casablanca...Well. No brainer.

food truck.jpg

It was a perfect night. The movie, shown on a giant blow up screen, started just after dark so we had time to set up our beach chairs and wander around a bit as the sun went down.

Panavoir, one of our local food trucks showed up to feed the hungry masses. I've been anxious to get a bite from this guy's truck so I was thrilled that they were there. (Apparently he has new signage for the truck too... and just this week it went on there!) We weren't disappointed. He served what he called "scooters" (bigger than sliders) of pulled pork and BBQ chicken, with slaw of course, and those, along with chips made a perfect meal. Neel and Cal were so hungry that they wouldn't let me take much time to photograph the food, but you get the idea. I'll get my paws on more soon.

Beer, wine, soda and water. Perfect picnic weather. Perfect picnic.

Sun down. Screen up. Movie on. I'd forgotten what a wonderful movie Casablanca is. It's been years and years since I've seen it. Even Callum seemed to enjoy himself, although I think his favorite part was the kerflufle that took place behind us when, after some chattering got louder and shushing didn't seem to work, two women start sniping at each other, "Why don't YOU shut up so I can watch the movie."

Finally some guy said, "Why don't you both shut the fuck up or go home."

For the rest of the movie it was quiet after that. 

Late July and I even got a little chilly by the end of the evening. And you know what? It was just as magical to walk back to the car under those twinkling lights as it was to watch the sun go down or the movie itself. Next up, Meet Me in St. Louis and after that Roman Holiday. I can't wait.