five things, february 28


1. I think my pharmacy thinks we're cooking up a meth lab. I bought so many cold meds yesterday that I had to purchase them in two transactions. YIkes! It's for me and my husband, I hastily explained. I don't think she cared. She just wanted me out of there before I needed 911 for lack of oxygen due to the coughing.

2. I think the Seth Rogen story from this week was really interesting. He was on Capitol Hill to testify about his charity to support research into Alzheimer's Disease. Only two senators in the subcommittee he spoke before stayed for the whole testimony and several people, according to Rogen FELL ASLEEP during the meeting. Now to be fair, there were several staffers in attendance, and those are the people Rogen is really speaking to. Congressmen and women are too busy in other meetings. And raising money. Oh, that. Seems a shame doesn't it?

I'm glad Seth Rogen went to congress, and I'm sorry he spoke to a bunch of literal empty chairs. I understand that Alzheimer's has touched his family personally, and I applaud his work. What I wish he'd gotten up to speak about (anyone? any celebrity?) to a roomful of empty chairs was how important it is to fund basic research, including Alzheimer's. That next great discovery? The great finding that cures cancer or limits the march of any other nameless disease will only come with more money put to basic research. But if congress isn't listening to the Alzheimer's talk, they likely won't listen to that one either.

3. I think I'm not sure I can't wait the week until this movie comes out. Wes Anderson, I love you. And seriously, that movie poster? Frame worthy.

4. I think I'm so glad my mom sent me this link from the New York Times. I'd breezed past it when it hit my twitter feed, and having her send it to me made me pause and really look. We talk about these kinds of things a lot, the photographers I hang with. There's all sorts of buzz these days about how our compulsion to photograph every experience causes us to remember less not more. So what happens on vacation? Where's the balance between capturing your memories and enjoying your time away? For photographers, especially. At my photography group we talk about how reluctant we are to pull out our big cameras in favor of our phones. I'm not sure where I fall, but I think about it, especially when I'm traveling, a lot.

5. I think I can't believe next week is the last week of the General Assembly session. Cal graduates next Saturday, and then he's home for good. So bittersweet. In the meantime, Neel and I are going out to dinner every night next week.