noticed london {still + life}

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Oh, moving slowly again. I think Cal left a trace of his cold behind. I can only hope his leftovers are a bit weaker and I'm less under the weather than he has been. I've cheered myself considerably with a little project that was inspired by all of the compelling images Petra has been taking in London recently. What photos were my "left behinds?"

My Facebook feed is full of London right now. A friend just got back. Another friend considering going. Makes me wistful. (And Rooth seems to be there every other week, practically.) It's truly one of my favorite cities in the world. There's something that London just does so well as it juxtaposes its old (really old) with its new that I find so compelling. It feels big and exciting and different and also completely approachable. After I tapped out some tips for the friend who's headed there this summer (she has a kid Cal's age), I looked at Neel and said, "Hey, I'm thrilled about our trip this summer, but I really want to go back to London and see Annie again."

My left behinds, the photos of things that caught my eye, are still very different from the stunning images Petra brings us of her time in London. There's no denying it, we were tourists (much as Cal and I may have daydreamed otherwise!), and my pictures reflect that. But it's so lovely to look back here and remember the things that stood out to me, big and small.