five things, january 3 edition

my final river shot of 2013

my final river shot of 2013

1. I think I'm really looking forward to sorting through all of my river shots as I (finally) edit and finalize the remaining photos of my 365 of 2013. I'll do a recap next week and give you a sampling, but I'm wondering, do I explore this special spot again in 2014? Are you bored? I'm not sure I am, and I'm kind of loathe to let it go.

2. I think I've pretty much decided that since we have so much to do this week that I'm starting the New Year on Monday. It's my New Year (observed). That's when I can get cracking on all my resolutions/guidelines/wishes whatevers. And Christine, since you plan to copy that list pretty much verbatim, please feel free to wait until Monday as well.

3. I think with a dusting of snow and a high expected of 30º today (although I'd kill for the storm the Northeast is getting), it's hard to imagine we were staring at palm trees earlier this week. Our mini vacay to join Neel's family in Orlando was so delightful in so many ways. I can't wait to tell you about it next week.

4. I think, heck, I know I appreciate all your support on my goals for 2014. They feel pretty achievable to me, and fun for the trying. The trick to #1 for example is in the first  thing every day. I have no problem drinking water throughout the day. But getting started earlier, as in before my coffee, is trickier. Ahem. Judging less might be tricky too. And there I go, judging myself.

5. I think that while I'm sticking with leap as my word for another year, I want to add another word. Intent. So many of the good changes I've made in my life have come when I've practiced with intent, I want to grab it for how I look at things this year. From purchases I make to photos I take, I want to do these things intentionally. It seems a good place to start.