happy new year! 14 in 14 {still + life}


Hey! (Waves madly!) We're home! I missed you guys! My in-laws gifted us all with the most amazing trip to Orlando for Christmas, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. The only bummer was that Neel was sick and still is, poor man. We got back last night in time to run one load of laundry, order Chinese for delivery and watch the first Harry Potter before falling into bed. Pretty much the perfect New Years Eve in my book. Minus all the coughing.

I start every year with a new (and not-so-new) set of goals, so here we are for 2014. I think after I write this I'll see how I did with last year's goals (wink). I always pull out my favorite line from Pirates of the Caribbean at times like these, "They're more like guidelines, really."

1. Drink water first thing every day (wait, let me grab my water!)
2. Revamp my wardrobe with things I love, leaving behind impulse purchases and with an eye toward streamlining colors, lines, etc.
3. Study a technical aspect of photography each month (e.g. off camera flash, kelvin, etc. What should I start with in January?)
4. Do another 365 this year (more on this later)
5. Find a means (through book or class) to learn flower arranging.
6. Leave behind last-minute Lauren. (I'll probably start working on this one in November or December.)
7. Walk every day.
8. Clear the crap out of my house (8 weeks that Cal is gone, I'm looking at you for this)
9. Tend to my friendships and let go of what needs letting go.
10. Clear out my photography/blogging clutter. This means establishing an editing work flow, ditching old photos and getting straight with some web stuff.
11. Reach for more creative project and collaborations.
12. Find a volunteer project
13. Open my heart to love more and judge less
14. Leap. It was my word last year, and I didn't do it enough. I think I'll use it again. Leap.

So there you have it. Fourteen for 2014. We'll see how I come along with this list-o-rama, but it seems like a good enough place to start with a brand new year. That an loads of laundry and a trip to the grocery store. Life marches on, doesn't it? Last year was pretty good, wasn't it? Let's make this year even better.