weekend recap, july 29 edition

weekend recap July 29 copy.jpg

All that fun I said I was going to have? Eh. Look. It wasn't all bad, in fact parts of it were pretty lovely, but I'm not going to lie and say that my weekend was all great either.

Things started out spectacularly. And I mean that. I had an awesome meeting with my photography group (much diminished this week, summer does that). We came up with some exciting ideas that had my mind racing and my pencil scribbling madly in my notebook. I'm really feeling that I need to sit down with Theresa and gather my thoughts. Does she have that calming influence on you too?

Friday night we went to an outdoor viewing of Casablanca and I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. It was great. 

Things went down hill on Saturday.  

I don't know what exactly to say about this except I'm feeling a little blue. I got to the grocery store so depressed that all we seem to do is clean, and grocery shop, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I got Neel and Callum their lunches and came home.  We cleaned. We took Callum to his hitting lesson and went back to the grocery store. We came home, and I made gazpacho (more on that next week). That part was good.

We got up Sunday, grabbed breakfast and went to the beach. That part was good too.  

So see? Not all bad at all. St. Germain? Good. Gazpacho? Really good. Some of the things I have coming down the pike? Really, really good.  

Maybe it's the mid-summer blahs, and maybe something deeper, but I'm all for keeping it real around here. Somethings it's not all flowers and sunshine.  

My mom comes this week. Nothing cheers me up like a little company. I don't mean to be a downer, certainly, and things are fine really. But if I'm feeling a little weepy in the produce section, shouldn't I tell you about that part too?