water {life}


I told you awhile back about reading The Power of Habit. I loved that book, as many of you have, and it continues to resonate with me. Neel's reading it now, and he's thoroughly digging into better understanding the elasticity of the mind. Pretty cool stuff. So, as you may have guessed, I'm trying to change some habits here and there, starting with some little things. The easy to tackle stuff. Who doesn't need to drink more water, right?

For Habit #1 I've been trying to drink a cup of water first thing, before I get going on my day. I'm generally up before everyone, so as soon as I get down to the kitchen, I pour myself a cup of water in my "Evans Poston for Commissioner of the Revenue" mug and resolve to finish it before Neel arrives to make coffee. I'm mostly successful. Mostly. Some mornings my mug gets finished before we head up to get Callum rolled out of bed, and some mornings my mug gets finished before everyone gets rolled out the door. Still, it gets done and consumed before anything else.

Habit #2 is a bit more fun. A few weeks back, I breezed past a recipe that someone had posted on Facebook for an infused water, one of those "Lose Weight Now!" things. I don't put a lot of stock in those claims, so I never clicked on the recipe itself to see what the real promises were, but the basics stuck in my head. Three eight ounce cups a day of water infused with the following: 1 cucumber sliced, 1 slice of grapefruit, 1 segmented tangerine and a bunch of mint. I actually don't have a problem drinking water throughout the day, but it never hurts to be more intentional about it, and this recipe sounds nice. I've been a fan of cucumber water for ages, especially since my friend Seamane and I had it at the Williamsburg Spa several years ago. So I thought I'd give this a go. With my first batch, I layered the grapefruit on top and it ended up a bit bitter, so with the second batch the cukes went on top and it was just right. Mild, fruity, and more flavorful as the week went on. Easy to get those three cups a day. Well, easy enough, I guess. I might still be working on this habit too, actually.

But no matter what, more water is good, right? Are you guys getting enough? What things are you doing to mix it up and make sure you get enough? And what about your habits? Any goood ones going? Anything you're trying to get rid of? Don't even get me started on those!