Weekend Recap, Mother's Day

Weekend Recap May 13.jpg

1. Bye-bye Papa | 2. Glitter flats | 3. Tie time | 4. In print again | 5. Friday night Chinese | 6. Warm evening, neighborhood comes out | 7. Doggie morning #1 | 8. Doggie morning #2 (the always-by-my-side version) | 9. Doggie morning #3 | 10. My river | 11. Hitting lesson | 12. Go Dogs! | 13. Cocktail clothes! | 14. Cocktail | 15. Cocktail Ring | 16. Neighbor's garden | 17. Low tide | 18. Stormy sky | 19. Brunch bound | 20. French-country brunch. | 21. Bloody | 22. Spring veggies | 23. Dinner al fresco | 24. Mother's Day floral

Well, it was a great weekend. How was yours? The first bit of news is that our Thea Turbo McFatty is mending nicely. Back at the vet Thursday for a recheck, our doc was so wonderful that Neel wants him to be his primary care physican. She's clearly perkier this weekend, and even though we have a long road ahead, I'm feeling grateful for where we are. News of Erin's mom's dog passing and my friend Jackie too lost her sweet pup Sasha last week remind me how precious and important these relationships are to us. Things went uphill from there!

How can they not when I remembered that I have glitter flats and it was warm enough to wear them!

And a stop at my favorite shop elicited the news that a product shot I did for Selma's was in print and looked pretty freaking nice?

And that it was finally nice enough for the 'hood to spend a Friday evening out and about enjoying the front yard?

These are all good things. Cal had a hitting lesson on Saturday and a bit of a breakthrough, which had to feel good. We had Supper Club Saturday night, and it was the best yet. Julie hosted and she chose Mad Men for the theme. Awesomesauce. Seriously, the most fun ever. I wore heels, and then I wore them again for brunch on Sunday. I like heels. I like the way I feel in them. Marianne, I think I need more practice. And maybe more options. Wink, wink.

Neel and I took a long walk Sunday morning before Cal was up, and it was the perfect start to my Mother's Day. We trundled off to brunch (in heels!) at one of my favorite spots, one we rarely get to. We ate in the tiny, gabled attic and for once the drama was almost better than the food. Seated next to us was a large multi-generational group of about ten, all there to celebrate the grandmother and several mothers. Late into the brunch, one of the adult granddaughters rushed in after many phone calls to help her find the way. She'd almost missed the whole meal. By this time we were nearly finished, and along with that family and another, we were the only other diners in the room.

Neel claims he heard the clink of a knife on a water glass, but all Cal and I heard was the hush, when the adult granddaughter says in a voice that carries across the whole room, "I'm getting married!"

The silence that fell was stunning. From his vantage, Neel could see our server and her face mirrored the shock that must have shown on ours. Finally, the grandmother says, in a voice even louder, "WHO TO?"

It's Dalton, apparently. He's 21. Just a couple months younger than her. They've been dating a couple months but have known each other for a few years.

Then grandma asks several pertinent questions, "WHERE'S THE RING?"

"I don't have it yet."

"It's not official till you got a ring," chimes in an uncle.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?" (Grandma again.)

"Cause I didn't want y'all to do that whole 'I'm gonna kill ya if ya hurt her' bit."

Someone tries to point out that they are, in fact, in a restaurant, but then Grandma, or someone, says, "I don't care if we're in a restaurtant. I'm gonna scream like a five year old if I want to." Meahwhile, we're all wondering: Where's the check? Where's the check? Finally our server shows up, and we beat a hasty retreat (Well, let's face it. That was Neel's idea. Cal and I could have stayed there and listened all afternoon.), but not before learning that Dalton does IT for the Navy. Callum overheard the Grandma mutter "computer nerd" under her breath. As we went down the steps, we could see them all staring at their smartphones, apparently madly trolling facebook for pictures of the poor man.

Best. Brunch. Ever.

The rest of the day, while lovely, paled in comparison. You know, we're really at the point in the year when school feels superflous, but trundle on we must. But the days are winding down and summer is on the horizon. I can feel it. Can you?