five things, february 8, edition


1. I think that when the sickness isn't a terrible sickness that sometimes a day off to nurse a slight fever and stuffy nose is not a bad thing. Fully aware that this could have been a lot worse, as it has been for so many, we're counting blessings this week.

2. I think I've been having fun looking at jewelry lately. Jewelry! We have some inherited baubles (from my grandmother) as well as some sentimental gems (from both Neel and my dad) that have been sitting in a jewelry case for ages. Criminal, I say. We've figured out what to do with some of it, but right now I'm weighing sentimentality (keeping my grandmother's diamonds) vs. bling (trading them up for a new ring). Anybody have any thoughts? I've never had a true engagement ring of my own (long, good story), so that might be nice to have. But, oh... I'm pretty sentimental. I'd love some input, peeps. One thing I know, I got my broken wedding ring back yesterday as well as another ring that had been broken for a long time, and that feels good!

3. I think, as long as we're talking about girlie stuff, I need to ask, how are you guys keeping your winter skin moisturized during the day? My morning moisturizer is awesome, as is my nighttime routine, but I often feel the need for a mid-day refresher. I noticed this on Erin's post a couple weeks ago but that seems more night or morning squirt than midday pick-me-up. Again, all suggestions are welcome. Weigh in, peeps. I know you're all smarter than I am!

4. I think Neel doesn't believe me (and others may scoff!), but I really could live somewhere colder. I kind of hate it that we pretty much turn the page on winter after January is over. I long for snow. Northeasterners, I envy you. Be safe, but know that I'm envying your blizzard warnings right now. Anyone got an Alpine cabin in the snowy woods they can lend me for a few days? Seriously begging here.

5. I think I have a lot to be grateful for lately, not least of which is a school where my son is getting a phenomenal education and teachers who completely *get* him. We hadCallum's conferences yesterday, and teacher after teacher mirrored back to us what we know about our son. Of course it's lovely to hear that he's hard working and kind and doing well, but better than that even is knowing that he's spending his days with adults who understand and cherish him for who he is. Adults who want to draw the best out of him. I honestly can't put a price on that.