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Well, we don't think it's the flu. Callum and Neel both can't get flu shots (egg allergy), so I hold my breath every winter. Especially this year, since it's seemed so particularly nasty. But despite a fever and general crumminess, he just doesn't seem quite sick enough for the full-blown flu. It couldn't have happened at a worse time, though. My guys were planning a sneak-away day to go skiing on Friday, but Callum called me from baseball practice on Tuesday, saying, "I can't." I wasn't completely sure that this wasn't about baseball, to be completely honest. He doesn't love these pre-season conditioning sessions and is constantly needing to "study" instead of go!

Why is it when I'm my most suspicious that he's generally his sickest? Sure enough 101.1º when I got him home. So we spent yesterday under the covers and snuggling. Had a mini West Wing Marathon (and we totally need to order Season Three) and smoothies for lunch. He was pleasantly compliant for my 365, and Lucy-the-Beagle followed him from room to room (Her favorite spot in the house is on that rug, in his bedroom, especially when it's sunny.) Today is a school holiday, so he can rest up even more. Ski trip postponed, but we'll get it done. Poor kid.