five things, december 27


1. I think this year is the most scattered I've, no we've, ever been at Christmas. Sometime during my last minute wrapping on Christmas Eve, I lost a vital Christmas present for Cal. Then my mom and I lost two bags of Christmas presents (we found them), and then Neel lost a stocking stuffer. When I went to look for that I found my missing present. I never made neighbor gifts, which is something I generally look forward to every year, and not all of our holiday cards made it out the door. But you know what, we had a great Christmas despite all of that.

2. I think, all things being equal, I did pretty well at not spending money on myself this Christmas. I may have spent a leeeetle more than intended on other people, but I am totally down with that. No guilt there. Trouble is, I still want things. The more things change.

3. I think the second funniest story of the week (getting permission to tell you the first, maybe next week) was during the time my mom was telling us about her time in Italy and explaining a teeny tiny bit of the Italian language to us. As she's describing the various pronunciations of the letter "C," Neel's looking at an antique photo of St. Mark's Cathedral I gave her. "CHA-the-dral," (emphasis on the CHA) he sounds out, as Cal and I lean over and say, "Uh, that's in English." I think my mom is still laughing. Guess you had to be there.

4. I think our Christmas day beach walk is one of my favorite traditions. Last year was warmer; this year cold, cold but crisp and sunny. And spectacularly beautiful. I'm pulling hard to do it again on New Years Day too.

5. I think, SPOILER ALERT, we're all sick. It's my dad's fault. He brought illness upon this house. Poor Neel has it the worst of all of us, and really, I don't blame my dad (that much). I think it's one of those things that when you take your foot off the accelerator things fall apart.

Not sure how much I'll be around at the start of next week, but I'll pop in to ring in to wish everyone Happy New Year! Love you guys!