monday mash up, august 20

Monday Mash Up 820 copy.jpg

1. Pool time | 2. New Shades | 3. Greek Dinner | 4. Weekly chore | 5. Fun fortune | 6. New coffee shop | 7. Train shop | 8. Unexpected home project | 9. Sleepover | 10. Pizza mise en place | 11. Cal's pizza | 12. Doumar's

Hello my dears! It's a lovely rainy morning as I write this. I'm sure Callum won't like rain on his last week of summer vacation, but I love the sound of it against the window as the sky grows gradually lighter. We had a really nice weekend this past weekend. A good mix of family time and getting done all the things you need to get done. We met Neel at the pool Friday night. He's had a really stressful go at it at work for the last few weeks (August always turns out this way, it seems.), so it was nice just to toss the football in the water and hang out and figure out what to do for dinner. We picked Greek. Callum had his baseball session on Saturday morning (new bat!) and while he was there, Neel and I snuck out to try a new coffee shop around the corner. Cafe Stella in Norfolk (for my local peeps) doesn't have a web site, but we found it to be delightful. We bought some coffee and a can of beans, and I plan to go back. Might be a nice place to get some work done in the fall. I may not be hip enough, but I can fake it, right?

After baseball, we had some lunch, and bribed Callum to go to the tile shop with us by promising a jaunt to the train store. The tile shop was FUN. We coalesced some decisions for sure and are working on others. I heard words I never thought I'd hear my husband say: "I don't mind spending more money for it to look nice..." And then I dragged him directly to the diamond store. Ah, no. Seriously though, our main question now is white subway tile and a paint color on the wall or colored tile? What think you? I go back and forth. I worry that colored tile might get too dark in the shower/bath stall.

Sunday was a work day. After weeks of lovely company and eating out, it actually felt good to load up my grocery cart with food and staples to make meals for the coming week. And why is it when I decide last minute to rush to the grocery store to beat the rain (and leave the house in shorts, one of Neel's t-shirts, no make-up and hair a mess) that I run into so many people that I know? While I was gone, Neel worked on a little room in our kitchen hallway that we call the "back-back" that's become a junk room. It has some shelves and no door, so it's turned into a cluttered mess. We want to get a door on it, add some more shelves and move our wine rack in there, but the first step was a giant clean out. We got the space cleared yesterday and Neel got in two of the shelves. It already looks loads better, but I can't wait for that door! Callum had a friend sleepover last night and we had make-your-own pizzas and homemade sundaes. The boys put things like banana peppers, black olives, pepperoni and loads of cheese on theirs. Neel and I had olive oil, carmelized onions, cauliflower, prosciutto, and parm. I'm sure they thought it was boring! I wonder when they'll get up?

So what does your week hold? Poor Callum is soaking up every minute and he's understandably nervous about starting Middle School next week. We all are, I think. But enough of that! There's fun to be had! I have one eye on the tropics (it's hitting peak time of hurricane season) and one hand reaching for my swimsuit, hoping for a few more beach days.

And before I let you head out, I hope you'll drop over at Insideology today where I'm so honored to have written a guest post for the lovely Annie. I love her reviews and the way she spins her tales of life in London, so I wanted to tell a little bit about my world. We had lunch Saturday at Doumar's, home of the ice cream cone! How cool is that? Doumar's is an institution in my hometown with a wonderful history, and I hope you'll go check it out.

See you Wednesday, gang.