five things, august 17th edition


1. I think it's time for me (us) to come to terms with the fact that next week is the last week of summer vacation. Sob. It's true. I really, really think 7th grade will be awesome for Callum, but did it have to come so soon? Is summer really over? I'm reisiting this with every fibre of my being in a totally unhealthy denial-y kind of way. The fact that middle school orientation is next week should shock us all into submission. Until then, I want to soak up every single second.

2. I think, despite what happened to me yesterday, that this August has been better on the headache front. Yesterday was a total loss, but I remain hopeful that I'll make it through the rest of the month relatively unscathed. And that's the lastest dispatch on my health. I know you want to know.

3. I think we're gearing up for some fun days ahead. Callum and I have an end of summer tradition that is nine years old this year. We'll do that this week. And some other things too. Can't wait to tell you about them.

4. I think it's pretty much the pits to live in a battleground state right now. I have no intention of getting all political here at SPL. Snark-free, please. We are not undecided in our house. In fact, apparently very few people are. And yet the nasty, divisive bilge-spilling ads from both sides keep coming. It's a near-constant stream here in Virginia, and we're weeks away from the election. I would like to enjoy Project Runway in peace, but it seems that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Pffttt.

5. I think I'm hoping to get both some cooking and some photography in this weekend. And just hanging with my family. Oh, and I'm still digging my Clarisonic. And I still want a treat. I think the only good thing about school starting is the idea of back to school shopping. What are you guys up to this weekend?