monday mash up, June 25

Monday Mash Up June 25.jpg

Well, we had a great weekend, how about you? Y'all were so sweet to wish us a great dinner party on Friday night. We had a really lovely time with some new friends. I said to someone that if these were old friends who were coming over, I wouldn't give cooking a meal for friends a second thought, but new friends...then I have to do a little planning. I couldn't plan for a six-hour thunderstorm that dupmed over four inches of rain over us, but who can plan for things like that? Poor Neel had to grill in the shed. But we had fun. I took some pictures, but these were new friends. They're not quite used to my camera in their faces. So no smiling happy people. I can't take pictures of everything, you know! Did you see the trifle on twitter? I'll try to post on that later this week.

By Saturday morning, Cal was on sleepover number three for the week. That boy is tired! So much of weekend, when we weren't scrambling to locate a free canoe (it was already in the dumpster, so no canoe for us) was spent scrambling to recover. Why am I so tired after he stays up until 3 a.m.? He threw the ball in the front yard that morning with a friend who's trying baseball for the first time, but by Saturday afternoon he was crashed out on the sofa watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Once he got his second wind, we headed to our friend's pool for a bit (and I keep meaning to tell you Annie, much as I wish it was, sadly, that's not our garden), but for us, Saturday was an early night. Since all my mornings tend to be early, I like early nights!

We had Callum's baseball party on Sunday, and now the season really is over. One mom asked if we weren't all grateful, and I'm not. It's all still so new to us, that it could have gone on for me. Cal too. After the party, Neel and Cal headed straight across the street for a poker party. This cracks me up. Two 12 year olds, two 14 years olds, and a few grown men all playing poker until about 10 on a Sunday night! They played a bit in our backyard on Saturday until we insisted that Callum needed to be tucked into bed. I'm glad to see it. These kids played poker a lot summer before last, and it's nice to see them reinstate the tradition. It gets hot here, really hot, and sometimes playing outside is just not possible. When they play poker, they're not playing video games or locked into the iPods. And, in my book, that's a good thing.

So I did some research on the Disqus thing, and it's just not going to work. That's the bad news. The good news for Squarespace users is that version 6 is coming out (and is usable now, apparently) and it does have threaded comments. Let me say, this whole, "Schedule computer time" is hard when you get absorbed in projects like this. They can get absorbing. So I'll be doing more research on that in the coming weeks. And thank you so much for your comments to Friday's Five Things. Aren't lists great?

Did you guys have a great weekend? We're scheduled for more storms today, and I dearly love thunder storms. And a busy week. I have mixed feelings about those. But some fun will creep in there for sure. Since it's summer, I've been doing our grocery shopping on Mondays and so far I have nothing on my list and no idea what I'm going to cook this week. Hmm. And isn't Violet sweet? That's her favorite spot under my computer when I'm working, but how can it be comfortable?