Monday Mash Up, May 14

Monday Mash Up May 14.jpg

Well? How was your weekend? For those of you who celebrate it, how was your Mother's Day? In all honesty, we did not rock Mother's Day around here, I'm afraid. We had a nice weekend, but Mother's Day, notsomuch. More on that in a moment. We started things out quite nicely with an impromptu neighborhood happy hour. I love our neighborhood so much. It's so lovely to slip outside and settle on a blanket in the front yard. Everybody did something different for dinner, but we all ate together (and my godson Landon ate his mom's keys) and settled into the evening. The sun went down. The kids played across the yards and sang us songs, and we all sat and talked in the deepening twilight. It was nice.

Saturday, hey hey! No baseball. But boo. EXAMS. Cal starts his final exams this week, and I'm convinced that the person who created this exam schedule hates his mother. He studied math and English on Saturday and more math and social studies on Sunday. What a way to spend the weekend. I managed to pull out all my spring and summer clothes and Neel painted the new fence (which, sadly, looks too much like Fenway Park) while Callum worked (which means it'll be cold and rainy all week), and we treated ourselves to dinner al fresco, but STILL. What a way to spend the weekend. Mother's Day itself started with a bang. The phone rang at 3 a.m., and that's never good. This news wasn't the worst that we all fear, but a freezer in Neel's lab was failing (the freezers have alarms on them and if the alarm gets triggered someone from security calls) and Neel had to go in and check on it. And because we have vicious attack guard dogs, he can't sneak back home unnoticed either, but they all have to bark their dang fool heads off an hour later when he came back home. No one slept well.

When we got up, (too early) Cal and I went for a walk, and we did manage a nice breakfast, but the freezer and the exams loomed over our day. I'm ashamed to admit that I did not purport myself well in this endeavor, and I feel convinced that we all need a do-over. It's not exactly that I'm ready for the work week to begin, but I am ready to have another go at a weekend. I do feel much tended to and loved by my family, no matter what (people, Neel got me nighttime moisturizer). I hope you did too, whatever you did. Honestly, I hope it went better than things did around here!