Monday Mash Up, April 9

monday mashup 4_9.jpg

What a weird weekend this was. Did everybody (who celebrates Easter, that is) have a nice Easter? I told you I thought we'd low-key it; I just didn't know quite how low key we'd get. Callum had Friday off from school, and while I worked he hung out. Saw some friends briefly, but kicked it around the house. We had an appointment for some baseball stuff at five and went for dinner afterward. (I could mention that I wasn't the biggest fan of the restaurant Neel suggested before we got there, but that's okay. He agrees with me now.) I noticed that Callum was looking a little glassy-eyed at the baseball stuff, but didn't think much of it, given all the allergies we've been dealing with. (And seriously, at one point this week, I thought about doing this as a Google search: Cold or allergies: who the hell cares?) Ah, but sure enough, around 10 Friday night, Cal's ear started hurting.

Why is it always at 10 on a Friday night?

He hasn't had an ear infection in years, people. But we remember. Poor guy was miserable. Restless and in pain. We tried to go to bed, but had to come downstairs and doze off to a ball game on ESPN. First thing Saturday morning we were off to Urgent Care insted of Ikea the way we planned. That was a huge bummer. And the kicker? Not just one ear infection, but TWO. And a likely sinus infection too. Lordy, boy.

Neel suggested that since we didn't have plans for dinner that night, we push our Easter meal forward a day and try for Ikea on Sunday (and like an Easter miracle they WERE open!). So we went even more low-key than we'd originally planned. All I can say is thank goodness for Neel. I pulled a potato recipe from the April Everyday Food magazine I'd just received (And what's up with that? Aren't they supposed to come mid-March?), tossed some boiled eggs on top of some steamed asparagus (and trust me, I have whole posts to write about asparagus), and threw the ham in the oven. We ate in front of Oceans 12. We were partway through the marathon. We dyed some eggs. We ate some cookies. We pushed on through.

Callum managed Ikea on Sunday. We all did. I felt lousy enough (Cold or allergies: who the hell cares? All I know is I'm coughing like a tuberculin patient on her last days in the sanatorium and I have no voice.) that I actually ordered TWO Dr. Peppers before we headed home. I don't ever, ever, ever drink soda so this was a BIG DEAL for me. They were so, so freaking awesome. All in all, it was a pretty successful day. 

Cal likes his new dresser, and I'm glad we were able to fit everything in the car (Which, Erin, is named Bernie Mac, by the way.). More important to my boy, perhaps, is that we let him hop on Instagram. He's @calhound and would love some followers. It's a social media gateway drug, I get that. But it's one I can get on board with and control. So we're fine with it.

Oh! Did you happen to see? We were on the news a lot on Friday. Not us personally, but our little community. When this happened. We'd actually anticipated it for awhile, but it was still pretty stunning. More stunning was that no one was killed. The actuall crash site is about 20 miles from our house, but it's in an area we used to frequent regularly. Callum's old school was blocks from where the crash happened. My doctor is down there, and I have friends who live and work down that way too. The jets fly low and are loud, and it's long been a concern for the community that the civilians bump so very closely to the movements of the military. It was very much a concern for us when Cal was in school down there. His school was and still is in the flight path. The noise from the jets is hard on little ears, and in the backs of our heads was always the worry about a crash just like what happened on Friday. Still, no matter those safety concerns, I've always been proud to be neighbors with these hard working men and women. That was as true Friday as any other day. You can read it in the article I linked to, but the pilot had to be cut down from the building they crashed into...they'd ejected at the last possible second. And then he apologized to the people who helped him for destroying their homes. Pretty impressive, that. We're so grateful that no one was killed or more gravely hurt.

How are you guys? Was your weekend better than mine? I'm banking on an uneventful week after all this. April feels booked solid and my birthday is coming up, so it had better be.