five things april 6th edition


1. I think that despite the fact that I haven't had the time or energy to comment on your blogs this week, reading them has been a real delight. Kept me going. Also, see #3.

2. I think we're trying to decide how to do a gardening post for Neel. I have tons of photos, a lot from last weekend. And I could trot them out as we go. But right now I'm thinking of saving them so Neel can write his own post. I feel sure that like Callum's, his post will include the phrase "So, so freaking good," in relation to something...

3. I think one of the most lighthearted moments of my week was the 20 or so minutes Erin and I spent tweeting about this and all its counterparts. I think we might need a movie marathon this weekend. Because nothing says Easter like a good caper movie.

4. I think I'm not so great at Easter. We're not terribly churchy, so that's part of it, and we have no family around us. Sometimes it feels hard to trot out a big meal for just the three of us, but that's likely what we'll do. I should start thinking about that.

5. I think it's pretty nice how even though I have to work today and Monday that with Callum having those days off it feels like a four-day weekend. I could use a four-day weekend. What are you up to, pups? We might head to Ikea tomorrow. Callum needs a dresser. He's using the dresser that I used when I was a baby! And then Sunday, well, that's Easter. And you can see how far I've gotten with that. Any suggestions?

love you, ducks! happy weekend! xo