big day {life}


Big day for our boy yesterday.


A blazer and tie kind of day.

bow tie duo.jpg

We spent a good portion of the morning getting ready.


Neel found the buttons the hardest part. I finally had to step in.


Ever since he was able, Callum has participated in a local public speaking tournament. Several of the area schools are involved, and students in fourth through eighth grade compete in cagetories such as poetry, story telling, original oratory and prose. At his old school, Callum first participated in original oratory in fourth grade. Originial oratory is where you research and write an essay taking a stand on a topic. Last year, at his new school, he tried out for prose. His new school is much bigger than his old school, and it's quite competetive to even get on the team. First are the tryouts in the fall to make it on the team. Then, after working hard all winter, everyone on the team participates in a Speak-Off to see who ultimately goes to the competition. The rules of the competition dictate that only two boys and two girls are permitted to compete in each category, and his school has worked it out that this is the fairest way possible. Still, sounds pretty brutal, doesn't it? But these kids are tough, and they work hard. Last year Cal made it to the Speak-Off and fell just short. He was an alternate to the competition. He was disappointed, but not deterred.


Yesterday was the Speak-Off for this year's competition.


Parents are invited to the Speak-Off, and we get to see the results of our kids' hard work. It's nervewracking.


He pretty much hit it out of the park.

Callum's sixth grade homeroom came to watch the competition (harder to perform in front of them, perhaps than in front of a bunch of judges!), and as Neel and I headed down the hall to leave after the Speak-Off, we heard all his friends cheer as Callum walked back into his class. He had to wait all day to get the results of the judge's decision, but you know what?

He made the team.