five things, march 9th edition

mills house-1.jpg

1. I think you guys know me pretty well. We came to Charleston for a few days. Thanks to some help from my dear (and only) aunt, we're staying at the delightful Mills House Hotel. Those of you in the U.S. may remember seeing the Mills House back a few months ago during the Republican primaries in South Carolina. MSNBC's Morning Joe was aired from here. The place was crawling with Republicans then. It's not now. At least not patently obvious ones.

2. I think I love really decadently lovely hotels. I may need to stay in them more.

3. I think I'm a miserable packer. I know I'm an over packer, but a shirt I was convinced I'd packed for Callum is nowhere to be found. We once went to visit friends in Charlottesville and had to buy Callum pants! What's wrong with me? Maybe I need to rely on lists more than I do.

4. I think I've had a pretty crummy week. I think, all things being equal, it's actually been a pretty crummy year, but this week was particularly rough. My balance is completely off and it's affecting my home life. I do not like that one bit. Fortunately it was Callum's spring break, and he was pretty much on "coast," but I'm really feeling like I need to get my crap together. Plus, I've really missed you guys.

5. I think I'm just going to relax and soak up this weekend. This really is one of my favorite cities in this country, if not the world. I'll have all sorts of stories to tell you next week, but my intent is to slough off my sadness and just sink into being here and being with my family. We're having lunch with some friends we haven't seen in ages, and I'm so looking forward to that. Maybe things are looking up.