monday mash up, March 12

monday mashup 3_12.jpg

We went to Charleston! Of course I had to give you a whole extra row of photos! We had a wonderful time. I won't give you all the details today because I think those will trickle out over the week (I did use my real camera too, not just my phone, you know.) So how to sum up the trip? I thought about sending out this tweet: legs ache from walking so much; tummys ache from eating so much; cheeks ache from smiling so much. That's not so bad, is it? We had a lot of fun, and I think the trip was mostly about the food. I have no problem with that at all. The architecture of Charleston is stunning. I could look at it for ages. Neel was captivated by the gardens, and Callum was captivated too. He's taken to my old point and shoot with some awesome results. We'll tell you about that later. We took a carriage ride (That photo in the middle of the bottom row is of the bingo machine they use to determine the routes for the carriages. How cool is that?), and I may have had a cocktail or two. See that Bloody Mary? Garnished with house-cured proscuittio and a pickled green tomato. Hello. Callum got a new belt (He has to wear belts to school, and just now he tells us that he's tired of the same old brown belts. Who knew?) Callum has declared Charleston his favorite city (U.S.), and wishes we lived somewhere where we could walk everywhere. Vacation breeds discontent. Success.

We got home late Saturday just in time to lose an hour to Daylight Savings (maybe not my best plan) and I've been playing catch up. I did laundry. I went to the grocery store. We got Callum new shoes, a half size bigger than me. Can you believe it? It's both a terrible and wonderful thing, you know. My baby. Sniff.

I miss you guys. I need to catch up. Seems like quite a few of us had rough weeks. That's not good. Trying to keep my chin up, you know? I may be worn out, but I'm so glad we got away. What have you guys been up to? All your comments to me all week just meant the world. Lifted me up like nobody's business. Love you all, my ducks. What have you been up to peeps? xo