five things, march 16 edition


1. I think I had to have at least one more photo of Spanish Moss for Erin.

2. I think that this week has been a bit of a bear. My friend Seamane asked how our re-entry was going, and really, my only complaint has been physical. Migraines all week have left me tired and irritable. Noreen sweetly checked in on me in yesterday's comments, and yes, it's this creepy (yes, I said it), early spring. I love the weather, but 30 degrees warmer than it should be on March 15? What's up with that? The pollen and surprising heat have wreaked their havoc on me. Seeing the doctor today. It might be time to up my meds.

3. I think I'm really glad I worked some personal grooming into the week. Thank god for my hair stylist and her magic bowl of brunette.

4. I think I always come home from vacation wanting to make different kinds of meals. We had a vacation-inspired dinner early in the week, which I'll share with you sometime next week, but on Thursday it was straight up hoagies to celebrate the first night of baseball practice. That, and I couldn't face the idea of cooking one more night.

5. I think I'm so glad that baseball practice started last night. He'll need new cleats (growing boy) and a new bat (changing rules), but oh, he's happy and so are we. We'll all have some adjusting to do to get used to this new routine, but after last spring when it was clear that lacrosee was...well, let's just say becoming less than appealing, it's nice to see my boy so happy again. Blue skies ahead. Happy weekend my ducks.