Wrap Up {life}

charleston wrap up-5.jpg

A whole week of posts for such a short get away? What can I say?

mills house.jpg

We stayed in a beautiful hotel.


And Callum took pictures.


We traveled with our breakfasts from a lovely local bakery.

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We took a carriage ride and met a horse named Jasper. You saw some of the houses from that ride. Jasper was awesome. Every so often he'd pull over to the side of the road to "practice" his parking. Down one of the streets we traveled there was a cat sunning in the middle of the road. Freaked poor Jasper out. Once he got over his fright and the cat skitted away, he got curious and tried to follow her. Such personality in that sweet horse.

charleston wrap up-1.jpg
charleston wrap up-2.jpg

We took a boat ride.

charleston wrap up-3.jpg

And had a storm follow us to Fort Sumter, birthplace of the American Civil War.

charleston wrap up-4.jpg

The storm met up with us there.

bike taxi.jpg

When the rain still threatened, we took a bike taxi back to the hotel.


We wandered the streets, stopping in shops and admiring the views.


We wandered an old, old cemetery (see that Spanish moss? that sings coastal south to me) and met up with the caretaker who took Neel around, showing him some of his favorite spots.

callum train.jpg

Through it all, Callum took pictures. Chasing geometry across the city. You know, I like that kid. I'm looking forward to seeing our trip from his point of view.