monday mash up, february 6


I swear we are still recovering from the holidays. All we want to do is sit around and watch movies. That is very unlike this family. Oh we did some stuff this weekend, but our default lately seems to be to sloth. We're all suffering a Superbowl hangover this morning, and it seems like Callum is getting sick again. What the what!? I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, but I did play around with making some collage templates in Lightroom (not that I used them here, mind you).You'll see a project of Neel's on the blog this week, and one of mine too, and sometime this afternoon, I'll load my final pick for last week's Project 52. This week's theme is Culture, perhaps something that is part of our family's culture or pop culture. I've had a thought about this, but if you want to weigh in with ideas, please do.

Friday night we took Callum out to celebrate his 2nd quarter report card. He chose hibachi. We were all stunned. Kidding. Saturday was basketball in the morning and a nice supper that evening. We're trying. We caught up on Project Runway and Top Chef Texas, but I'm scared to talk about it! Yesterday I tried to get some stuff done. Hmmm. Little accomplished, but sometimes you have to stop everything and cuddle your kid. Neel did manage to fix the light in our foyer, and we're SO happy about that. For starters, it was pretty dark in there, but also, that little chandelier is original to the house and so lovely. It's nice to have it back. We ended up at an impromptu Superbowl party for the first half of the game last night, and finished things off at home with meatball subs (Neel's choice). I have to say, the highlight of the weekend was the fact that Neel and Callum watched these videos over and over and laughed themselves silly each time. Like, until-they-cried silly.

My to-do list feels long this week, plus our drier seems to be broken as does one of our cars! Happy Monday, everybody. Woo-hoo. Are you as excited to be up and at 'em as I am?