five things, february 3rd edition


1. I think that all things being equal this turned out to be a pretty good week.

2. I think that I have a lot to do this weekend. All fun. I need to (finally) pick some photos for Moo cards, I'm considering adding watermarks to my pictures, I have some blog posts for next week to write (yes to A Day in the Life?) and some photos to take. Some fun stuff around the house too. I love weekends that fill me with anticipation. We have basketball and of course the grocery store and some house cleaning. But it's all good. Oh, and the SUPERBOWL. Not sure many of my readers care about that the way I do though!

3. I think in the interest of full disclosure I need to tell you that Lucy and Thea are actually far from best friends. Those two have gotten into some fur-flying fights. The most recent while we were away a few weeks ago. It is, quite frankly, terrifying. Thea is actually still limping (might be a sympathy ploy, because she's been checked at the vet and determined to be fine), and we're getting a behaviorist in to tell us what's what. They can be so loving. Falling asleep literally on top of one another, and then someone's feelings get hurt and the gloves come off. We're trying to figure out what to do.

4. I think my photography goals for the month are to really pull together everything I learned in the class I took last month, tie it in with my camera and work on getting images that are stronger coming straight out of the camera. Nailing exposure and focus, rather than composition. I have some exciting projects coming up, and I want to be as strong and skilled as I possibly can for them.

5. I think these are some mad gorgeous props, aren't they? Not mine. From the workshop back in December. I love the varying shades of blue with the texture of the table and the burlap. It's fun on Fridays to go back through all my pictures and pull one out for you. I still have a lot to share! Hope you guys have a great weekend. I'll try to have another P52 shot for you and I'll be around on Instagram. xoxo