five things, december 7

NYC Sunrise.jpg

1. I think last week had nothing on this one. The headaches, they are getting to me. Neel thinks it's a virus (no antibiotics). My mom thinks it's a sinus infection (yes antibiotics). I think I don't really care, I just need it to be over. Please and thank you. I have some things to do in the next few weeks, mmmmm 'kay?

2. I think this is going to sound a little weird, but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm thinking if having a small present or two for myself under the tree. There, do I sound like a ten year old or what?! (Please remember this when you read #4.) Part of what I loved about Christmas when I was a kid was all the projects and toys I had to play with after opening all the presents. A few years back I would have a knitting project ready to go, and since I can really get the lens I want just now, I'm thinking maybe a book or two. Maybe some new make up. Something small to pull out and play with. Thoughts? Childish and selfish? Everyone else is going to have toys to play with... just a little teeny tiny thing?

3. I think we were very excited to attend an event last night where this man announced his intention to run for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. I know I've talked about our involvement in Senator Northam's campaign's before (he's our district's state senator), but this time he's running for state-wide office, and Virginians? We honestly couldn't be represented by a better, more honest, straight-forward man. And here's something I found really interesting. I might possibly find politics, or political issues, even more fascinating than I thought I did. Everything Senator Northam mentioned that was important to his campaign (and as a practicing pediatric neurologist, he has a lot of cool topics on the list, like women's health issues and pediatric concussions), I am passionately interested in. Like really, really interested in. Callum said something great during one of the (6) speeches. He said, "The best thing you can do for your country and your state is vote." I couldn't agree more. That and serve. And when we got in the car to go home, he said, "I want to be a politican. And a scientist. Can I be both?" That's my boy. And then as I was saying how I was surprised at how interested I was in politics, he said something along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Too bad you're so old." Yeah, well. Nevermind then. And no. I have absolutely no plans or any interest in running for office. But some other stuff, well, we'll see. (I think I need to learn more to dip a toe into this stuff, though. Aren't there some books I should read?)

4. I think that I haven't been as proud of my son in a long time as I was last night when he had to deal with a crushing disappointment. I don't write about him as much here as I used to. He's older (like me!), and his life is his life you know? I think a lot of what I'd choose to tell you about he wouldn't mind, but you know. Those aren't my stories to tell. Anyhoo, last night was a low, somewhat unexpected blow, and he took the news he got hard. He had every right to. But you know what? After a bit, he rallied and pulled himself together. Vowing to try again, to reach for this particular goal, next year. When he said that he was going to keep the rejection letter for motivation, well, this momma got prouder still.

5. I think I love this photo of New York City. We loved being there at the end of our trip over Thanksgiving, and if there weren't so many other amazing places to see, I'd regret even more that we didn't have more time there. I loved the city with a chill in the air. Just loved it. And I also couldn't end the week without taking note of the passing of legendary jazzman Dave Brubeck. Oh, I have the sads. He would have been 92 yesterday, so part of me feels like I can't complain about the ending of a life so well and fully lived, but the stunningly beautiful music he made was part of the fabric of my growing up. My introduction to music. Through his own work and through other great jazz artists like Manhattan Transfer and Al Jarreau honoring him with their own music. So Take Five and take a listen to this, and if you need to add some Christmas music to your list, you can't go wrong with his Christmas CD either.

Happy Weekend, my lovelies. My to-do lists have to-do lists, but I'm determined to plow through the bulk of it this weekend. What manner of wonderful are you up to?