weekend-gram recap, december 10 edition

Weekend Recap 12_10 copy.jpg

1. Apple pie | 2. Mead | 3. Stollen | 4. Friday night dinner | 5. Dry ice | 6. Carousel Cakes | 7. Another Tidewater Sunrise | 8. Hydrangea | 9. Bench | 10. Latin | 11. Painting | 12. Groceries | 13. Movie | 14. Dinner | 15. Morning Walk | 16. Rainy Sunday Morning | 17. Lights | 18. Night Lights | 19. Violet Sleeping | 20. Violet Sleeping | 21. Violet Sleeping

If you look at that last row of photos, that's pretty much how I'm typing this blog post right now. Violet is draped across my lap, her head resting on my right arm. She's complaining that she can't get comfortable because I keep moving my arm (I'm typing), but still, she won't get up. We're a little worried about Violet because she's still favoring her back leg. It had seemed to have gotten better but she's back to not wanting to come up the stairs. Looks like it's time for a trip to the vet. Shhhhhh......

That's the only dim spot on an othewise lovely weekend. Well that, and the fact that I had to go to the grocery store. But the reason I had to go to the grocery store over the weekend instead of my usual Friday trip was a good one.

My friend Jackie had a lovely luncheon on Friday with a wonderful mix of women and artists. Jackie feels like she was put on this earth to feed people, and I think she was put here to take care of people. She tends us all so well. She had an amazing spread of food (all her favorite party food, she said!), and of course amazing bread. And mead! Mead! It was pretty spectacular. Especially in the middle of the afternoon. I had a lovely glow all afternoon.

We ate at home Friday night, which we don't usually do, but it was totally worth it because our friends Seamane and Rob had sent us an amazing Blue Velvet Cake from Carousel Cakes for Christmas! What a treat! Check them out...even Oprah approves! Of course we could have kept it frozen for up to 3-4 months, but of course we didn't! And I really think the best part was the dry ice that Callum got to play with.

So a bit of catch up on Saturday and Sunday. I felt like I was still recovering from all those headaches, so I mostly tried to take it easy. Neel and Callum went to Skyfall (loved it) and I got some Christmas stuff crossed off my list (loved it). Neel seemed to have forgotten the moratorium on buying oneself presents just before Christmas and he bought himself a bench for the garden. It's perfect. And it's okay because that's not what I'm getting him. Whew! I hope Santa knows.

Neel and I took a long walk Sunday morning along some of my favorite water stops, and then (sigh) I went to the grocery store while he got the lights up on the tree outside. And Callum studied. Exams start this week, and we're all feeling the pain. All of us. Not really. Callum is just working hard to prepare. Exams officially start on Thursday and he'll take one a day until the following Tuesday. But then? It's Christmas break! Then the real fun can begin.

So here we sit. I have one more fiddly project and a few little ones and then the work part of the holidays is taken care of. After that it's mostly fun stuff. I'm feeling a bit less overwhelmed, and a bit, just a bit like I've been touched by some holiday spirit. The merest of glancing blows. Like I'm trailing in its stardust. And how are you, my lovelies? Are all your plans coming along?