five things, december 21 edition

violet trio.jpg

1. I think that I have never been more relieved than I was to hear that Violet has a disk problem yesterday. Not that disk problems are great, but still. Her leg was getting worse, not better and we were so very worried about her. It's not at all fair to say that this silly pup is our favorite; all our pups are silly after all. Violet has a special sparkle to her. She follows me everywhere (she sleeps on my discarded jammies when I shower every morning.) and is the canine light of my life. She's special. Everyone at the vet absolutely adored her, and we don't blame them one bit. So. Violet's back is sick (and, according to the X-Ray, she swallowed a rock). Sick enough that she needs to be on "aggressive rest" for several weeks. No stairs. Of course our house is nothing but. No play, no walkies. Fortunately, she's very good at resting. And fortunately Santa Paws brings them a new bed every year. Oh my word, that dear girl. She means the world to us. Send her some healing thoughts, please, if you have a few to spare.

2. I think I don't want this blog to get political, but with the gun stuff, I just can't anymore. Seriously. And you guys would laugh (no segue, but bear with me) if you could see the funny mix that is my twitter feed. Design people, bloggers, (OMG @CuteEmergency!!!!!), political folk, and sports writers. There's an awesome article in The New Yorker about gun control. And I also much appreciated this article in the Washington Post about mass shootings in the U.S. In the last week, since the shooting at Sandy Hook, four of our area school had incidents where students had brought or found guns at school, and our governor is advocating for teachers to be armed. I have friends who are avid hunters, and I care passionately for their right to continue in a sport that they love. However, you will never, ever, not in a gazillion years convince me that certain guns, high-capacity magazines or MORE guns are the answer. Rick Reilly, a sports columnist for ESPN wrote a haunting article that has stuck with me ever since I read it. He quoted a hunter who said this after the shooting, "Put the picture of [murdered first grader] Emilie Parker next to my semiauto shotgun and pick one," he writes. "Put [murdered 6-year old] Benjamin Wheeler's hopes and dreams against me not having to move my forearm six inches and pick one." Seems like a no brainer to me.

3. I think shopping is hope for the future.

4. I think I love little more than having my mom call out different ingredients to chess pie to me (and the history behind the name) as Callum plays on his iPad and Neel checks email. Christmas music plays in the background and we'll eat dinner in front of the fire. It was pretty perfect here last night. My mom and I are doing some last-minute shopping today, and my dad comes tomorrow. That simple fact fills me with much joy. All of us together. For various reasons this hasn't happened for awhile, but all of us sharing some space together for a part of Christmas-time means the world to me. It's just about the best present I could get.

5. I think I'll pop in on Monday with my weekend recap (CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!), and maybe something pithy on Christmas Day. Other than that, I'm signing off until next Friday. Love you guys. Wishing for all of the best Christmas wishes to rain down upon you!