holiday house :: 2012 {life}


Decorating was funny this year. I really think I've been sick since nearly Thanksgiving, so everything felt really hard. We did it in stages. Got the tree. Then got the tree up. Then got the tree decorated. Then the house. And by decorating the house, I mean, pretty much throwing stuff on surfaces and hoping it looked good. (Side note, I went to the doctor on Tuesday and scored some antibiotics. He said, "I'd been having these headaches and was really tired and then the headaches got so bad I started to seriously wonder if I had a brain tumor." When I said, "ME TOO!" He said, "I took some antibiotics and they went away," and then he gave me a prescription.) The funny thing is, this might be my favorite year for the decorations.

Last year was the best year for the tree as far as pure perfection goes, but this year's tree is so sweet and sincere. I just love it. And somehow everything just looks lovely. We focus mainly on the dining room and the living room, although there are some table top trees on either side of the tv in the family room. I'd love to have a gorgeous display of flowers (like what you've been making Miss Bird) on my kitchen island, but the truth is that island is a workhorse, and it's always covered with the detrius of our lives: bowl of veggies, homework, bills, Christmas card envelopes. Someday I'll take a picture and show you how we really roll around here!

So there you have it. Our gray house at holiday time, the 2012 edition. Another year in the books.