monday mash up, january 9


Hey guys! How was your weekend? Dude. I made curtains. They puddle. They don't puddle very well, and I'll ask you not to look at the hems too closely, but they puddle. I'm hoping I can blog about that this week. We had a good weekend. Callum started a Saturday basketball camp at school, and I played around with panning with my camera. Haven't downloaded those pics yet, but I'm curious! My favorite electrician was here all day Saturday (sigh), and Neel got out his Christmas edger for the first time. He's happy. I started moving my body with some gals from the hood and that felt good. I think I'm coming down with a cold, but other than that, it's all good. Oh! And we watched Murder on the Orient Express and on Sunday morning Callum and I watched a feature on the DVD about the real Orient Express. $20,000 people. But meals are included. I'm thinking it might be worth it.