it's electric {still + life}


My favorite electrician was here for most of the afternoon again yesterday (sigh), so I lost power to the computer and access to the WiFi (WiFi, that, thanks to Annie's suggestion, I'm going to start charging guests to use). That set me behind at work, and now I'm all disgruntled. But, Neel has power to his shed, which he nearly pulled me out in my jammies last night in the rain to see. I'll look today. In response to your comments yesterday, Heather @ It's So Suburban, I think the skill at sewing is directly proportional to the cursing involved. Two stupid rectangles took ALL DAY. And Mom, those were Callum's hands, but don't worry, he was just keeping Neel's seat warm. Mark, if Fred could recover my ottoman that would be great. And Noreen, look for a brussels recipe tomorrow (I hope!). They're Callum's favorite. Har Har.