Monday Mash Up, 12 for 12 edition


1. Carry my camera every day.

2. Become a more patient and less reactive mother.

3. Move my body.

4. Get better organized about money.

5. Get better organized in general.

6. Cook more fish.

7. Cook more and varied side dishes (we're in a total rut here)

8. Continue to add glamour to my life.

9. Be a better friend and wife.

10. Do something BIG.

11. Open my heart.

12. Leap.

That last one is so important. It means a lot of things for me, but specifically, it refers both to photograph and blogging in this space, I think. After my workshop in Charleston, Helene posted this on my facebook page: You know how I feel about following your passion: leap.

Repeat everyday: if I don't put worth to my work, no one else will. And Lauren, you are worth it. It's not being a pedantic ass, it's being assertive that you have something beautiful to bring to this world with constant practice and shooting. I don't have to tell you what her words meant to me.Since then, all month, I've been thinking a lot about my vision as a photographer, and I've understood it better than ever before. I'm anxious to keep practicing. I'm anxious to keep learning. I'm not entirely sure what it means or how I plan to go about doing it, but I'm ready to make the leap. In all sorts of ways, I'm ready to leap. It's going to be a crazy-fun year, you guys, and I have all sorts of plans. I can't wait to spend it with you! Happy New Year!

P.S. SOBO is a moniker we hooked on our block. It's what we call ourselves.

P.P.S. You can't tell it in these photos where I used some LR presets, but I wore my red lipstick.