monday mash up, december 19


Such a busy weekend! My mom got in last night for her traditional pre-Christmas visit and we were busy right up until then. I got glitter shoes! We harvested the last of the December! That's crazytown. I made a great soup from December's Martha Stewart Living. I made pulled pork BBQ, more on that later. I got marshmallow in my hair. Marshmallow if you'd left them out in the car for a few hours. In August. That was fun. We got the teacher gifts all done and Callum, poor Callum was all wrapped up in studying for his first math exam. Oh! And our white tree! It's really more cream than white and smaller than I wanted, but I still really like it. What do you think? So I hope to be around these parts this week, but hey, it's busy. No promises. I'll do my best though. For sure on Friday, if not before. What are you guys up to? How was everyone's weekend? Anything going on this week? xo