Weekend recap, March 25 edition

1. Tracy's lovely house | 2. Back at the hike | 3. My favorite part | 4. Unexpected date night | 5. Chow, Norfolk | 6. Local oysters | 7. Selfie | 8. Front row seats | 9. Unexpected lunch | 10. - 12. One of our favorite spots | 13. Late night drop off | 14. Chesapeake sunset | 15. Hardworking doggies | 16. New drink | 17. Photo of the day | 18. MSL inspiration | 19. Fireside day | 20. Fireside supper | 21. Winter's last gasp

What a SHORT weekend it was. Thank the good lord I started it with a hike with my friend Tracy. Seriously. We'd gotten off track with those (life gets in the way), but we seem, after both agreeing that our families like us better when we hike regularly, to be back at it. She had to drop her kids off at school before we went and I had a few minutes to myself in her sun-filled living room, and that was just lovely. I read. A book. Life is good.

Callum had a crazy-busy baseball weekend this weekend with an away game on Friday and a tournament on Saturday. It's a bit of a rite of passage, these away games. You leave school early and ride a bus with your team. On the way home the team stops at some grocery-type-store thing (this is still unclear to me) and gets "dinner." All I know is that Callum had chicken, and one kid had six cupcakes. On Saturday we were gone ALL DAY. Our kids did well. Won two, lost one. All good. Callum is still on the cusp of this and that's okay. Sort of. It'll sort itself out. However. As soon as Neel and I realized that there was a THREE HOUR wait between the second and last game, we high tailed it the hell out of there and off to our favorite restaurant in the area. One we never get to. Go us.

I had this weirdest realization last week when I stepped on our upstairs landing and figured out that if we reconfigured the rooms (like majorly) we could easily live just in the upstairs of our house. There's plenty of room. That's like, ridiculous, people. And then I read an article in this month's Martha Stewart Living about a family who completely down sized their lives. I totally want to do this. It's not happening anytime soon, but someday. Now, I don't see myself carrying mason jars into store when I go shopping, but. I have dreams, you guys. I'm feeling restless and daydreamy, and my next big mistake was watching House Hunters International while I cooked all afternoon. Nothing irritates me more in that show than when people move to Europe and look at gorgeous flats in Berlin or Stockholm and say things like, "That's the refrigerator? It's so small!" Or, "I don't think our king size bed will fit here, honey." Good grief. But Copenhagen? I'm sold.

And then it snowed! It's all gone now. Cold sleety rain today. (Yuck.) But it was pretty while it lasted. Yes, of course it's almost April and we're ready for spring, but the snow is so exciting and pretty around here. What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this weekend? That might have been it for me!

And if I thought we had a rough and busy weekend, we had nothing on our three dogs. They crack me up. Apparently there is some sort of critter in the wall by our fireplace that requires total vigilance. Complete concentration. They wore themselves out guarding us from it. With all the staring.