Five things, march 22 edition

1. I think I'm so glad that baseball season has started around here. How about my lucky #14? All he wanted to do was play for his school and there he is. His lack of experience is showing a bit (it's only his second spring to play, remember), but he's out there, working hard. That's all we ask. Ever, really. He's loving every bit of it. Practice after school, leaving early for games, all the gear. It's fun to see him so much in his element. Thriving.

2. I think, however, that the temperatures need to be more reflective of baseball weather. Ahem. Snow flurries on Thursday. Cal will be playing in 40º temps this afternoon, and a three game tournament on Saturday will be much the same. Momma's chilly. Also, whose idea was it to make baseball pants white? Buying stock in Oxyclean.

3. I think I will be spending much of tomorrow thinking of this dear friend and wishing her merry. Spare a thought for sunny skies and many blessings for Annie and her beloved.

4. I think I need to give a shout-out to my twice-monthly photography group. We met yesterday, somewhat diminished this week, but this collection of like minded folk never fails to energize me. For various reasons, I've missed our last several sessions, but I work hard not to. Even when we talk about silly stuff, I come out inspired and energized and I always learn something new. Thank you, my friends, for teaching me so much.

5. I think I'm finally starting to shake the dust off. Got some stuff done that I'd been dreading (doesn't that feel good?), and wrote out some lists of things I need to do (doesn't that feel good too?). Our food photography workshop has been canceled for March and scheduled for May, but that's okay. We have lots of company and fun coming down the pike. The days are longer and the weather is warming up. Nothing but blue skies ahead. Happy weekend, my beloveds.