weekend recap, march 10 edition

1. leaving our mark at our condo in the mountains | 2. pretty view | 3. trees down from the storm on the trip home | 4. - 5. craving non-alcoholic drinks and salad on our return | 6. new read | 7. - 8. Cal makes breakfast (protein heavy for baseball practice) | 9. Indian snacks | 10. icy cold gin and tonics | 11. curry | 12. dinner, Saturday night | 13. sunny yard | 14. team work | 15. backdrop painting | 16. studio time | 17. dinner, Sunday night | 18. still life

Looking at these photos, I'm astonished at how many of them feature food! What the monkey! We had a nice weekend. Re-entry, for the most part, feels good. Ask me that at the end of the day today, when we've survived the school/work day AND daylight savings, yo. Our drive down the mountain on Friday was stunning. The snow decreased as soon as we pulled out of the resort, but the valleys still had snow-laden fields. Once we hit the freeway, it was clear that the storm was more wind than snow, and there were trees toppled by the dozen, some with their uppermost branches brushing the roadside. I was craving salad, so Neel and I went out to grab a bite to eat while Callum stayed home Friday night. These guys were tired. As you can imagine.

Callum had baseball practice on Saturday. Mandatory practices for the end of the week if you were in town (and mandatory, no-excuse practices and a tournament for the varsity team), so we dropped him off at school and headed to the Indian grocery. Neel and I were in the mood for curry. I was really in the mood for palak paneer, but that takes forever to make from scratch so we got some frozen. Maybe next time. As far as the curry goes? The house still smells amazing.

Sunday was gorgeous here. Sunny and warm. Hard to believe that just a few days ago we were in 30 inches of snow! Neel got back in his yard and I got to work painting some backdrops for the studio. Something I've been meaning to do for ages. I knew I wanted to do a still life for my 365 photo yesterday, something to honor daylight savings and the longer, lighter days. A photographer's dream! So as I painted, I let my mind wander. By the time I got in the studio, I had plan. For once it worked out pretty much the way I imagined it, and that felt pretty good.

Slow-moving Sunday to start a fast moving week. Back at it today! I'll have a recap of our trip to the mountains tomorrow. I finally got a look at all the photos I took with the camera (not just the phone) yesterday, and I still can't believe ALL THAT SNOW!

I'm restless these days, so spring must be coming, right? Or is it the unexpected late night sun? Whatever the reason, I'm not sure I like it. How are you feeling these days, my lovelies? What does your week look like from where you're standing?