Callum_courtday-2 I told you Callum had a big week coming up. Wearing a tie (that he tied himself) during summer vacation should certainly qualify, yes? So here's why he got so dressed up on a hot summer day. Our dear friend Evans's (husband to Nurse Rebecca) dad is a local judge, and a few months ago when the judge learned that Callum had read and loved John Grisham's new books for kids, he offered for Callum to come and spend the day with him at the court house! Yeeeeeee! Neel and I were beside ourselves with glee and envy. I mean I didn't watch all those seasons of LA Law just to see Jimmy Smits. And don't get me wrong, Callum was excited too. I just don't think he quite got how big a deal and how cool this offer was.

So after much negotiation of schedules, Callum made plans to meet with the judge on Tuesday this week and then again tomorrow too. We dropped him off at the courthouse (criminal to the right and civil to the left) where the judge had plans to take him to lunch along with his (the judge's not Callum's) law clerk. After lunch, Callum would spend the afternoon observing the mental health docket. Gulp. Callum was nervous waiting in the lobby so we played some half-hearted games of tic-tac-toe, and when they stepped off the elevator, there was not just one judge, but three!

Callum_judge-2 What a day! Everyone was so kind and helpful and interested in him. He got to sit in on the mental health meeting and then watch the court proceedings for each case. His favorite was when a man who'd been imprisoned for kidnapping was set free based on new information that he was not guilty. He saw deeds for the city dating back to the 1800s. He asked questions about the cases he saw and the law in general. Were there some boring moments? Yeah, sitting around and waiting, but that didn't last long. His favorite part? Maybe lunch (a cheeseburger and coke!), but really seeing the court in session. On Friday, the judge will pick Callum up on his way into work for sentencing day. Now that should be interesting.

We were invited, Neel and I. And oh sure, we wanted to go. But this was Callum's deal. His gig. His own experience, not ours. We wanted him to have it on his own. In one of the emails in the flurry going back and forth between Neel and the judge to set up scheduling, Neel said how much we appreciated Callum having many different positive role models in his life. On Tuesday, Callum asked the judge if he felt bad if the jury found someone innocent when he thinks they're guilty. The judge said sure, but it's worse to see someone innocent found guilty for something they didn't do. That sounds like a good role model to me.

Have I ever mentioned that I went into labor with Callum while I was watching a Law & Order marathon on A&E? We'll be renting some of those for sure.