five things, june 3 edition

Cheep-1 1. I think we've had much entertainment and joy watching a family of robins use our backyard as a nursery this week.
2. I think I'm ready for summer. I've already been mentally crafting my end-of-year post for Callum. I can't believe fifth grade is (almost) over.
3. I think we've had some hard lessons this week. All of us. And I know I'm very proud of my son.
4. I think it was probably a mistake to have taken this last photography class. I've simply been too busy to give it the attention I wanted to. That's been disappointing, but it's all on me. I love my work, and I actually love how I've been able to throw myself into it so totally over the last weeks, but I miss balance. I miss taking pictures and being able to focus on other things in my life. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. And I have a treat coming up next weekend. I can't wait.
5. I think my pink living room wall has been a big hit.