corners of my mind

BannisterWe had a great weekend around here. Starting with Mexican food in the backyard on Friday night (I still owe the cornbread recipe to some folks), and then Field Day at Callum's school on Saturday. Field Day is A.Big.Deal. at Callum's school. It was our first real Field Day (although we'd been invited last year as a new family) so we kept asking around, "How long has Field Day been going on?" Pretty much as long as anyone could remember, really. Someone placed it back as far as the fifties, and that made sense. There's a raffle at the end, and just before the last item was raffled off the headmaster spoke and asked what we'd been asking all day. "Who knows how long Field Day has been going on?" (I had to wonder if he asks that question every year, why more people couldn't be definitive in their answers.) How's this? Since 1891. That's a long time. The Lower School alone sold over 20,000 raffle tickets, and apparently there's a tradition at the end of the day where everyone throws their tickets up in the air. It was quite beautiful, actually. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but my camera on that thing moves as slowly as I do some days. It's getting old. Aren't we all.

And my Mother's Day was quite lovely, thank you. We went out for a delicious brunch, and Neel and Callum got me a tripod for my camera (that picture of our bannister was one of the first shots I took using it.). We ran some errands, and I took some pictures for my class assignment this week (You'll see those on Thursday, probably.) It started out cloudy and then the sun came out. A great day, really.

Lately, through all the work I've been doing and big decisions I've been making and pictures I've been taking, there is a corner of my mind where all I can think about is redecorating my living room. Deep stuff, here people. I may have mentioned before that it's been a rough winter around these parts. Every so often panic would set in, and I'd fear we'd have to leave this house and sweet life we've built for ourselves here (job issues are the worst). For the most part, I'm pretty good at trusting that things will be okay, but those moments were few and far between in the dark days of winter this year. Now that we're coming into the light of spring and things are looking up, I'm ready to redecorate! It's almost like Neel and I have had a recommittment ceremony to the house. His work in the back yard is paying off in spades. We love how the kitchen turned out. It's a good place to be, this house. And I'm ready to turn my attention to the living room. It feels heavy and dark and thrown together to me, so while I'm not sure exactly what I want it to be yet, I do know what I don't want it to be.

Summer is around the corner and change is in the air.