screen-free week

Callum chair It's screen-free week around these parts which means that Callum signed a pledge at school to be screen free for seven days. It's not that much of a stretch for us, really, but I have to hop on here and write a quick post before he sees me and gets mad and calls me a cheater. I tried to tell him this was work, but I'm not sure he was buying it.

This is just about the second shot I took with my tripod. Not the greatest, but it highlights a part of the living room I'm planning on redecorating (for $500 apparently). Bye-bye chair. There are paint chips on the coffee table as I type, awaiting a decision. Just for one wall, though. And Neel's promised to do the trim. Score!

So this will be fast in case the kid gets up, and I woke up with a headache anyway. I'm waiting for Neel to get up and make us coffee. Plus I have a big project that I'm trying to get off my desk and to my editor for work so I can get all my other projects off my desk and to my editor too. She'll be thrilled! I'll be thrilled. And I have to go to the grocery store. There's no worse chore than going to the grocery store when you're in a food rut. What are you up to today?