five things, may 27 edition

First harvest
1. I think I'm feeling better. Thank you so much to everyone who checked in on me with your emails and calls and comments. I love you all.
2. I think this week has been particularly exciting in the garden. There's corn on the corn! My favorite hydrangeas are in full flush and the beans are popping out. Neel harvested our first strawberry yesterday, and he was we were giddy with delight.
3. I think Neel was probably right to look nervous when I said that my plan for our revamped living room was coming together: part southern, part funky, part mid-century modern & part romantic.
4. I think I'd like to dress up more, just look a little more with it, I suppose. Harder to do in the summer, but I plan to try.
5. I think I've decided on a photography plan for this summer. We're having a Summer Planning Meeting this weekend, and my photography project will be part of it. I have lots of plans.