quick check in

Lenswork-6 So I may be absent from this space a bit longer, I'm afraid. I'm a little under the weather, both emotionally and physically. (Callum went first, then Neel, and now I'm the one feeling sniffly.) I have a load of work ahead of me with deadlines looming, and now we think Callum may have broken a toe this weekend, so I foresee juggling some doctor's appointments in the mix. And wouldn't you know, all the dentil moulding in our house will need two coats. All I want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch HGTV. (There's still that corner of my mind that is totally focused on re-doing my living room, you know.) I'm not even sure I'll get my photos edited and printed for class this week. And next week's assignment (self-portraits), well, I can't even think about that right now.

So bear with me, please. I'll be back around in a bit. And yes, I know I've used that photo before (sue me!). Seemed appropriate with all I'm juggling right now though!