five things, april 1st edition

A sneak peek of (most of) the photos as they lie in wait on our dining room table.

1. I think I am growing tired of waiting on the postman. I have two things coming that I am anxiously watching out for, and I'm well past the "happy anticipation" stage. They need to just get here, darn it.
2. I think this is a very big morning for Callum. I'm excited for him and so nervous too.
3. I think in some ways I was born to live in the Pacific Northwest. The days on end of misty drizzle don't bother me a bit. I will be glad to see the sun though.
4. I think that if I can get through next week, all will be well.
5. I think it's my birth month. Okay, I know it's my birth month. It's been a winter of worry and no small measure of heartache too, but for the most part 40 has been very good to me. I am embraced by the security of my friends and my loving family. If someone had told me that I'd push my writing as far as I have in this year, or my photography, I never would have believed it. I feel good about what I've accomplished this year, and I'm ready for more. No, 40 has been very good. I can't wait to see what comes next.