I know, I know...

Gate posts from me are thin on the ground these days. I'm sorry. It's not that I don't have a lot to say. Neel's hands are deep in the garden. Spring is springing all around. We had our last (?) fireside supper of the year. The "show" is next week. I'm trying to decide if I should/can take another photography class.

No, it's not that there's nothing to say. It's that there's too much. Too many pictures. A lot of work. Lots going on. I have masses and masses of pictures that need editing. They clutter my desktop and folders called (helpfully) "untitled." Neel ordered Lightroom for me, and I'll admit that part of me is wating for it to show up and make my life easier. If only I knew how to use it.

These posts always start with a photo for me, and with raw, unedited photos coming out of my ears, it's actually harder, not easier to pay attention to this space. I'm almost ready to go back to shooting in JPEG just so I can have some pictures to show you.

So I can't promise that I'll be back with any regularity. Not this week at least. But I will be back. Like I said, I have lots to say.