because it's never too early

and since Target has their Christmas lights out next to the Halloween candy, I bring you my Christmas list.

First the books:




I have this yen for beautifully-photographed books about places we've been. I already have a gorgeous coffee table book about Greece, and while there are tons of books about New York, who can pass up Stieglitz? And while I haven't been to Paris (yet), this guy Eugene Atget is really intriguing to me, and I'd love to dig into his stuff a bit more before we go. (I feel certain that Neel is going to whisk us away for our anniversary, right honey?!)

Kitchen stuff is essential, but sometimes hard to purchase for ones self.




My crepe pan bit the dust, and this one from is only $25 from Crate and Barrel. Also from Crate and Barrel is the 12 qt. stainless steel stock pot. I have a soup pot, but I find it's just not quite big enough. Same goes for the Dutch Oven, this one from Williams Sonoma. Mine is not quite big enough, and besides, I love the lemongrass.

My photography bug needs satisfying sometimes, and there are a couple items out there that could do it, I think.



The Shutter Sisters do amazing work, and I think their book could be really inspring. And although I'm torn about it, part of me is dying to try a holga. You'll never know unless you try.

And because every Christmas list needs at least one totally frivilous item on it, I'll leave you with this.

52248 from Sundance.
I wear a 39.