mise en place

IMG_4622 I'm not always good about mise en place when cooking, but I totally get how helpful it is when I actually do manage to pull it off. I bought these bowls at the MOMA design store when we were in New York City this summer, and they definitely make my mise en place easier.

IMG_4629 Neighbors of ours were solo parenting it for the week, so we had mom and son for dinner last Wednesday, and I made Emeril's Spaghetti Bologonese. Oh, yum... How can you go wrong with a sauce that has ground beef and sausage, cream and butter? Seriously, people?

IMG_4630 Add to that the homemade Caesar Salad from Rick and Lainie's Excellent Kitchen Adventures, which has become a staple in our house (And allow me to pause and reveal something about myself: in the past, I did not like Caesar Salad. Neel loves it. I do not. Until this salad. This salad, I love.).

IMG_4631 I think it was a hit.