five things, october 1 edition

IMG_45601. I think that this week has been a particularly good meal-making week. Especially for using cuts of meat several times and ways.
    Football Sunday: Fondue
    Monday: Chicken chili
    Tuesday: Roast a pork shoulder for a pork ragu pasta
    Wednesday: Chicken & squash soup and grilled cheese with homemade bread
    Thursday: Leftover pork for nachos
    Friday...well, it's Friday! That remains to be seen.
2. Speaking of cooking, I think I use sherry a lot more in the fall than I do in the summer.
3. I think I am really itching to paint some rooms in the house.
4. I think I would not like to have the job of deciding to close schools in a storm. However, I do think I would take into consideration the heavy rain and number of tornado warnings in the area before deciding to keep schools open. As soon as we turned the car on yesterday the EAS went off (have I mentioned to you that I love weather?) announcing a Tornado Warning for our neighborhood, the neighborhood Neel was headed into, a neighborhood near Callum's school and a neighborhood we drive through to get to Callum's school. At the end of the EAS it said, "Take Cover Immediately!" But it was picture day so we soldiered on. Callum wore a tie and a blazer.
5. In the past month I have seen two rats successfully cross a busy freeway and arrive at the other side unscathed. A coincidence? I think not.