carolina on my mind

IMG_9179 We traveled south to spend the New Year with some old friends.


IMG_9162 We ate seafood, fresh from the boat, for the whole visit.

IMG_9167 If the kids are complaining, "Shrimp for dinner again?" try some crab.

IMG_9171 Paper towel holder an optional, yet necessary addition to the table.



IMG_9178 There are few places like the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I think, for soaking up the local color.

IMG_9189 Men cooking!

IMG_9197 All of us cooking, really. That was my favorite part. Cooking meals together. That says "family" like little else.

IMG_9193 We had a little wine too.

IMG_9211 A gracious home with gracious hosts...

IMG_9186 and winter's windswept beaches. What a way to welcome a new year. Not too shabby.