cooking together

IMG_9225 Callum and I are right in the swing of things with our shared New Year's Resolution. (Number 9 on my list, if you're keeping track at home.)

IMG_9227 I ordered a cookbook for us, Rick and Lanie's Excellent Cooking Adventure and we've been perusing it to pick out yummy recipes. Callum loves Rick Bayless, well heck who doesn't? Already I can see some great possibilities for us. And I defy anyone from Top Chef to come and cook in a kitchen in which a ten year old also lives. We were dodging sticks and wands and nerf guns the whole time.

IMG_9228 Rick Bayless recipes come next week.  This week, we cooked my neighbor Sara's recipe for Artichoke, Bacon and Grit casserole.

IMG_9231 It was delish. Anything with bacon, really.

IMG_9234 My sous chef agreed. I think he's already learning the delight of eating a meal that you had a hand in creating. The casserole was yummy, but for me it's always process over product. I think I'm going to like cooking together.